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Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri and bouncing back and forth between the country—where her grandparents lived—and the city, Ceally was a chameleon from a young age which has carried on to today: she is comfortable with different types of people in a variety of settings.

After graduating high school early, Ceally pursued nursing by working as a CNA and was subsequently accepted into a nursing program. She decided to change her major to pharmacology and worked as a pharmacy technician for a year. Although she does not regret her experience in pharmacology, after seeing the not-so-pretty side of Western medicine, Ceally became disconnected and, following the birth of her two children, she decided to pursue and obtain her certification in holistic nutrition (influenced by her son’s health).

This is when Organic Meal Prep – a personal in-home food preparation service – was birthed. Ceally serves as the owner and operator of Organic Meal Prep where she has partnered with Trifecta Nutrition to provide meals to 100s of nation-wide clients and select clientele, including NFL players and the famous music artist, Tech N9ne.

Her next and current venture after Organic Meal Prep has been hemp. After her son started using CBD oil that significantly improved his health, quality of life and healing process, Ceally was inspired to know more about the industry and get deeply involved. So, she obtained her Master Certification in Cannabis (view certification here), which taught her every aspect of cannabis – medical, business law, career building, growth, cooking methods, etc. – and enabled her to pursue and be hired in all avenues of the cannabis industry. These specializations led her into opening up a consulting firm for the cannabis industry.

Ceally brokers, licenses and consults with other companies on cultivating, farming, manufacturing and dispensing cannabis products. She has built a loyal social media following and now educates other companies and individuals on successful social media marketing strategies, and has been hired to handle multiple cannabis-related marketing and branding deals.

In addition to informing doctors and companies, Ceally conducts and participates in ‘Cannabis Education and Start-Ups’—education sessions (similar to Ted Talks) with up to 200 individuals per event, taking place twice a month within the Kansas City area. She has spoken in front of audiences with up to 6,000 attendees. Her speaking career has also has enabled her to travel around the U.S. with the HempWorx Road Show national tour, speak at the Missouri Hemp Conference 2019, and host various cannabis-related events.

Along with these incredible efforts and accomplishments, Ceally consistently witnesses individuals benefiting from the returns of cannabis-related investments that she has personally recommended. One of her greatest accomplishments is helping 1,000+ families with special needs kids to finally find a product that helps without detrimental, long-term side effects.

To Ceally Smith, there is no limit in the cannabis space. She has undeniably dominated this new industry and, most importantly, helped thousands of people through supplying and educating them on the benefits of hemp products and CBD oil. Her commitment to overhauling the cannabis industry for quality oversight, improved education, professionalism, quality business practices and consumer protection is at the core of Ceally’s professional career.

She has been featured in ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and CW along with other press and media appearances.


Chief Marketing Officer

& Board Member

Ceally directs the company’s overall marketing efforts and orchestrates and speakers at events. She also defines marketing strategies to support the company’s overall objectives; plans and organizes marketing functions and operations; ensures projects have consistent messaging; and designs and coordinates promotional campaigns, PR and other marketing efforts across channels.



Silo Wellness is an emerging leader in the mushroom/psilocybin, DMT/ayahuasca and mescaline/peyote psychedelic therapy industry. Ceally advises their team on staying current about the latest trends in cannabis and pharmaceutical industries. Silo Wellness intends to be directly involved through ownership interests, product licensing agreements, and management contracts in the cultivation, manufacturing, and therapy dosing in this emerging space.




As the marketing director, Ceally Smith advises the executive board of MSHER on marketing their group to sponsors, fundraisers, conferences and recruitment.

The mission of MSHER is implement cannabis into agriculture education across Missouri Universities to create pro-agriculture and pro-entrepreneurship opportunities.


In addition to mentoring, consulting and speaking, Ceally is a serial entrepreneur at heart. She loves serving people and when she sees ways to better serve her community, she builds a business to fill that need. Below are Ceally’s other projects and companies.

Ceally started Organic Meal Prep to provide healthy meals to those who have dietary restrictions and need healthy options. These meals are perfect for people who have busy lives and care about feeding their bodies nutritious meals.

Organic Meal Prep has now partnered with Trifecta Nutrition to provide science-backed meals that are rotated weekly and are delivered to your door in all 50 states.


As a serial entrepreneur, Ceally understands how important it is to surround yourself with like-minded individuals. She created Conscious Entrepreneurs as a way to connect entrepreneurs who do business with their values and well-being at the forefront of everything. This means that you value yourself and you value others. Conscious entrepreneurship involves the courage to give, ask, and receive. You apply this to yourself and to others.


Viridescent Foundation is a movement started by Ceally to give back to communities, organizations and the world at large. Ceally understands that there are millions of people who are unserved or underserved. She helps people who do not have the resources or knowledge to create better lives and make an impact in the world we live in today. Through her vast experience in holistic living, Ceally is making a huge impact for the planet. The whole mission of Viridescent Foundation is to make the world a better place through research and science.


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